Artist Tracy Bigelow Grisman of Petaluma California presents a collection of watercolors and oil paintings of musical scenes and musicians mainly from the 1930's-1940's to express her appreciation of the music from that era and to celebrate the gifts of the American culture.

Tracy's work has "graced" the cover of several CDs including "Been all Around this World (Garcia/Grisman Acoustic Disc 2003), 100% Handmade Bluegrass Sampler (Acoustic Disc 2003), Gypsy Rumble (Wremble/Grisman Amoeba Records 2005), Acoustisc Swing (Acoustic Disc download 2006), Green Room (Hot Club Sandwich Hot Records 2006).

About Tracy Bigelow Grisman
I was born in Seattle, Wa. and when I was three years old my family moved to Wallingford/Swarthmore, PA. Since my early childhood I was very interested in drawing people. My family and friends were gracious enough to pose for me at a moments notice. When I was five, my parents bought me and my sister a double-sided chalkboard. We set it up on the third floor in a storage room ("the Chalkroom") where we sat on old large suitcases and drew people and comic scenes for hours.

My family was always very supportive and encouraging of my art. When I was in high school they allowed me the use of a small room in the house as a studio to set up my drawing board and easel. In eleventh grade, I was awarded a Saturday school scholarship at Philadelphia College of Art for young painters and continued my art studies years later at Rogers State University while earning my B.S. in Nursing.

phone: 415 225 3018